JLUG April : Amazing Infiniti Qx56 on 26" Hipnotic Diva

We have done it again!!! Here is another JLUG Magazine cover with Hipnotic Wheels, This issue features an Infiniti QX56 that is customized from head to toe, I think it will take a long time to list all the custom work done to this car so i will just list some of the main work.This QX56 is custom painted Copper&Metallic Brown with a lot of Custom Airbrush work,custom grill with SWIFT logo,smoked out headlights,Airbags, 26" Hipnotic DIVA Wheels Black Center with custom painted copper inserts wrapped with 305/30/26 KUMHO Tires,fully customized interior with MTX Audio Sound system. There is definitely a lot more detail on this Bad Boy that we didn't have the time to list, this QX56 is probably one of the best i have seen, Japan definitely has some taste, please take a look at the pictures and be the judge. Thanks for visiting our BLOG.

White Range Rover on 24" Blaque Diamond Spyders

This is a white Range Rover with Blaque Diamond Spyder wheels.
The Spyder wheels are the standard matte black with the machined finished lines.
Let us know what you think about the Range on the Blaque Diamond wheels.

JLUG April 2010 : Once Again Hipnotic Wheels is on the Cover

Hello Fans, We just got an e-mail of the NEW April issue of the JLUG Magazine from Japan and once again we have made it on the cover page. We will be posting the full article from the magazine within the next week, please be on the lookout. The cover features our DIVA wheel on a Infiniti QX56, should be a fun article.

Blaque Diamond came out to the 2010 Dub Show in Anaheim

BD brought out the only matte white Lamborghini Gallardo in Cali sitting on the Blaque Diamond Spyder staggered with 19" front and 20" rear.The Spyder wheels were the standard matte black with machined finished lines.The white BMW 650 was sitting on Blaque Diamond Dust with 22x8.5 front and 22x9.5 rear.The Dust wheels are the standard matte black with machined finished lines.BD also brought out a Porsche Carrera S sitting on Blaque Diamond Dust on the right and Spyder on the left.The Dust were custom done all black and the Spyder were custom with a red pinstripe.

We were there:2010 Dub Show, Hipnotic Wheels Booth Pictures

Hipnotic Wheels was at the 2010 Dub Show in Anaheim, CA.
Hipnotic Wheels brought out a Cadillac Escalade Ext with 26" Roxstar that were chrome with color matched inserts on the left and 26" 360 that were chrome with the color matched inserts on the right. Also brought out a black Infiniti QX56 with crazy green flames coming from the front of the truck that was sitting on 26" 360 that were all chrome with green trim and black inserts.

Dub Show Raffle Winner !

The winner of the 20" Blaque Diamond Wheel is Edgar Ramirez , ticket number 513221.
Congratulations Edgar !

26" white Hipnotic Roxstar wheels on white Cadillac Escalade EXT

Here is a Cadillac Escalade EXT with 26" Hipnotic Roxstar wheels.The Roxstar wheels are all chrome with white custom painted inserts that color match the truck.
Let us know what you think with your comments.

Perfect Match : 24" Blaque Diamond Tight Wheels on All Black Range Rover Sport

This is an all black Range Rover that sits on 24" Blaque Diamond Tight Wheels.
The Wheels are the standard flat black with the machined finished lines.
Let us know what you think with your comments.