Nissan 350Z with 24" Rear & 22" Front Hipnotic C-Note Wheels

This is a white Nissan 350Z that has Hipnotic C-Note wheels.The 350Z has been customized with Lambo doors and also the C-Note wheels are 22" for the front and 24" for the rear.Not only are they staggered but the C-NOte wheels inserts have also been custom painted to color match the vehicle.
Let us know what you think about this 350z with the Hipnotic C-Note wheels.

Grey Cadillac SRX on 22" Blaque Diamond Spyder Wheels.

This is an 09 Cadillac SRX sitting on 22" Blaque Diamond Spyder.The Spyder wheels are the standard black with machine finish.Let us know what you think with your comments.

Chrysler 300C With 22" Hipnotic C-Note Wheels.

This is a Chrysler 300C that is sitting on some 22" Hipnotic C-Note wheels.The car has been modified to have lambo front doors with suicide rear doors.The C-Note wheels has both sets of custom painted inserts to color match the 300C.Thanks to Michael for shearing this nice car with us.Let us know what you think of this 300C with the C-note wheels with your comments.

2010 Inferno Orange Chevy Camaro on 22" Blaque Diamond Dust Wheels

We just got these pictures of a 2010 Chevy Camaro on Blaque Diamond Dust wheels. The wheels are custom painted to match Inferno Orange of the Camaro. These wheels totally gave a new looking to this Camaro. Let Us know with your comments.

Hipnotic Wheels Online Shop Renewed.

Last week we renewed our online Shop section.Now you can find your missing Wheel parts, inserts, caps, rivet and screws also Hipnotic apparels. Don't forget to check it out.