Toyota Pronard with 22" Hipnotic Maki Wheels

Here we have from one of our fans in Japan a Toyota Pronard with 22" Hipnotic Maki wheels.As you can see the vehicle has been customized with Hipnotic Wheels written all over.The Maki wheels have also been customized with color matched inserts and they also have Hipnotic Wheels written going around the lip of the wheel.

Check out The New Joker Wheels We Added to Wheel Customizer

Just added to our wheel customizer are 2 of the many options the New Joker wheel can have. The 2 options added is the black wheel and all chrome wheel with both sets of inserts which are the rivet insert as well as the spoke insert.Keep checking our wheel customizer as we update it with the remaining 6 options.

20" Blaque Diamond Ruff Wheels on Mugen RR

Thanks again to our fans in Japan. Here we have a Honda Mugen RR with the new Blaque Diamond Ruff.The Ruff wheels are 20” and are the standard matte black with machine finish.

22" Hipnotic Roxstar Wheels on Dodge Charger

Here is a Dodge Charger with Hipnotic Roxstar wheels. The Roxstar wheels are the standard all chrome but have custom painted inserts. The inserts have been customized by, instead of going with all black, our customer has painted half of the inserts to color match the Charger.

July 2010 Hipnotic Wheels & Blaque Diamond Ads in J-Lug and Trucking Magazines

Check Out the new ads for Hipnotic Wheels in JLug from Japan as well as Truckin' Magazine. The ads feature the NEW Hipnotic Joker wheel as well as the NEW Blaque Diamond Ruff wheel. The ads show the new Hipnotic Joker wheel as well as the new Blaque Diamond Ruff wheel.

22" Blaque Diamond Spyder Wheels on the Infiniti G35

Thanks to our fans in Japan we got these pics Infiniti G35's with Blaque Diamond Wheels on it. These are 22" Spyder wheels with the standard matte black with machine finish

Blaque Diamond Ruff In Stock Now (18,20,22)

Blaque Diamond brings the new Ruff wheel to its collection for 2010. The wheel comes in matte and gloss black finishes. Both finishes have the 5 spokes of the wheel machine finished. There is also the option to customize the wheel by adding color to the machined portion of the wheel which can be color matched to the vehicle or a custom color. The Ruff wheel is available in 18”, 20” and 22”.

2010 Joker Wheels In Stock Now !

Hipnotic Wheels would like to introduce to our collection for 2010 the wheel called Joker which comes in 3 different finishes. There is the all chrome, gloss black and a matte black finish. The Joker is a five spoke wheel that includes 2 different types of inserts that can be added to change the style. One of the inserts goes around the inside of the wheel hiding the rivets and the other is a diamond shaped insert that goes directly on top of the spoke. Not only can you give the wheel a unique look but you also have the option to paint the wheel and inserts a custom color or to color match your vehicle. The size in which the wheel is available is from 20”, 22”, 24, and 26” with fitments for cars and trucks.