Dodge Durango with 22" Color Matched Hipnotic C-note Wheels

The Hipnotic C-Note wheel was added to do the final touches to this custom Dodge Durango SRT-8. This Dodge Durango has a custom 2 tone paint job. The Hipnotic C-Note wheels are 22" and are all chrome with color match inserts.

Custom 22" Blaque Diamond Tight Wheels on Lexus SC-20.

Blaque Diamond wheels have again been used to customize this Lexus SC-20.
The wheels are the Blaque Diamond Tight in 22". The Tight wheels have been
customized by having the name Blaque Diamond written on the lip as well as red and white stripes going around at the edge of the lip.

Chevy S10 Xtreme with 20" Custom Painted Hipnotic C-Note Wheels

This is a Chevy S10 Xtreme that has been customized with the Hipnotic C-Note wheels.
The C-Note wheels are 20" and have been customized by painting the face of the wheel black and the inserts yellow to color match the truck.

Updated Hipnotic & Blaque Diamond Wheel Customizers

Check out our Hipnotic Wheels customizer because we have finished adding all the different options of the Joker wheel available.Also, take a look at our updated Blaque Diamond wheel website where we have added the wheel customizer giving you the ability to add color to our wheels.

Dodge Charger on 22" Hipnotic Roxstar Wheels

This 2006 Dodge Charger R/T has been customized with 22" Hipnotic Roxstar wheels.
The Hipnotic Roxstar wheels are all chrome and have the inserts custom painted to color match the Charger red.

22" Hipnotic 'Zen' Wheels on Silver Infiniti G37 Sedan

The Hipnotic Zen wheel has been put on this Infiniti G37 sedan to give it a custom look separating it from any other on the street.The Zen wheels are the standard look which is all chrome wheel with both the spoke and the twin inserts in black.