Custom Painted Hipnotic C-Note Wheels

This set of 22" Hipnotic C-Note wheel will be put on a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. The wheel is all chrome but the inserts have been customized by color matching them to the Eldorado.

New Mugen RR Pictures

We got couple new pictures of Honda Mugen RR from japan . This car has 20" Blaque Diamond wheels on it. They are the standard matte black with machine finish. To customize your Ruff wheel please visit the Blaque Diamond Wheel Customizer.

19 & 20" Gloss Painted Blaque Diamond Dust Wheels Ready for Porsche

We just got these 19" and 20" Blaque Diamond Dust wheels from paint and they are ready to go on Porsche 911. The standard wheels are matte black with machine finish but these wheels have been custom sprayed with a gloss coat giving them a wet look. Stay tuned for more pictures of the car with these Custom Painted DUST Wheels.

Nissan Murano with Color Mached 24" Hipnotic Roxstar Wheels

Here we have a set of 24" Hipnotic Roxstar wheels that have been customized for this Nissan Murano. The inserts of the Hipnotic Roxstar wheels have been color matched to the Murano.

Lexus Sc430 with 22" Blaque Diamond Ruff Wheels

This Lexus Sc430 has been customized with our newest design from our Blaque Diamond line, the Ruff wheel.The wheels are 22" and are the standard black with machine finish.

J-lug October : Hipnotic on The Cover Again.

Thanks to our fans in Japan, Hipnotic Wheels has once again made the cover of J-Lug October 2010 issue.This time with a Nissan Murano with 22" Hipnotic C-Note wheels.The Hipnotic C-Note wheels have been customized by having the inserts painted to color match the custom color of the Murano.

18" Hipnotic C-note Wheels with Custom Painted Green Inserts

With the help of our online wheel customizer, this customer was able to get an idea on how the Hipnotic C-Note wheel would look with green inserts. Than he decided that it would be best to get the insertsolor matched to his Scion Xb.

White Dodge Magnum with 24" Hipnotic Diva Wheels

Thanks to our fans in Japan who made this Dodge Magnum happen.This Magnum was customized with one of our most popular wheel, the Diva.The wheels are 24" and are the standard chrome wheel with black inserts